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Pedestal Playlists: Part 1 [series]

Sound system
Pedestal can supply a popular DJ, or set up audio to play recorded music.

Music is an important part of any celebration. It sets the mood, excites the guests and provides an entertaining topic of discussion for everyone in attendance. Picking the right music for your event can be challenging, however, and is not something that should be put on the back burner. The wrong playlist can really bring down a party and make an otherwise fun event awkward. Luckily, most DJs and other music services you book can make up a playlist for you, and the client probably also has some ideas about what they want. But if you've been tasked with coming up with the song choices all on your own, fear not! We've put together mini playlists of some of our favorite songs for three major event themes to get you started. Stay tuned for more in our future blogs.

Christmas: We included this first on the list because, well, 'tis the season! With Christmas music, it's very important to exclude the tired songs that are overplayed in every retail establishment in December so you don't drive your guests crazy. They hear enough of those songs everywhere else they go, let your party be their safe haven. Here are a few great Christmas songs that won't make everyone roll their eyes.

  1. Just Like Christmas – Low (this Christmas tune is relatively unknown, and its sentimental melody along with the simplicity of the lyrics make it an excellent background song for a room full of mingling guests)

  2. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses (this pop song is something to put on later in the evening when your guests are ready to dance)

  3. O Holy Night – Josh Groban (a vocally beautiful song that fits well into a glistening evening scene)

  4. Wonderful Christmastime – Paul McCartney (a pop song by a musical genius that perfectly captures the essence of a Christmas party)

  5. Carol of the Bells – Trans-Siberian Orchestra (a striking and classy instrumental piece, this song is the poster child for Christmas music done right)

Casino: One of Pedestal's most popular themes, casino parties are a thrilling experience that call for the appropriate theme music. Stay away from songs that are too loud and distracting so that your gamblers can stay focused, but don't forget to keep it fun! Some great song options for casino parties are:

  1. Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley (a classic anthem about the city of sin, how could we not include this on the casino party list???)

  2. Casino Boogie – The Rolling Stones (a smooth and lyrically fitting tune that guests can enjoy while having drinks and getting ready to hit the tables)

  3. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley (a funky modern R&B hit that will be sure to put guests in the right mindset)

  4. Luck be a Lady – Frank Sinatra (another classic lyrical jackpot)

Skyfall – Adele (this dramatic and suspenseful ballad comes from a James Bond film, and if that doesn't set the mood for a game of luck then nothing will)

Beach/tropical: A hot theme for summer, beach, Hawaiian Luau or other ocean inspired parties need relaxing yet upbeat music to really heighten that vacation vibe. Here are some songs we love:

  1. Over the Rainbow – Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole (this classic is melodically familiar and the gentle strumming of Kamakawiwo'ole's ukulele rendition is calming as a gentle ocean breeze through palm trees)

  2. . Surfin' USA – The Beach Boys (this somewhat cheesy surf jam will provide a sense of lighthearted nostalgia for guests of all ages)

  3. Island in the Sun – Weezer (this will satisfy the alternative rock fans while still being calm enough for a beach themed playlist)

  4. Yellow Submarine – The Beatles (a very upbeat, classic Beatles song that is a staple for any theme involving water)

  5. La Isla Bonita – Madonna (An 80s song with a Spanish influence, this one will bring danceable fun to any party)



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