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Entertainment for your Event

Please your audience and generate buzz by adding creative entertainment options to your party or corporate event. Pedestal's experienced event planners can offer economical ideas for smaller budgets, as well as more elaborate experiences that will enliven and complement your brand or event focus. We regularly audition and cast new acts, so please inquire if you are searching out novel diversions for your guests to enjoy.

We've been wowing clients for 30 years! For a list of available testimonials, see our Testimonials page.

Event Entertainment Options


Surprise your guests with the unexpected! A live dj will attract attention and keep the energy high. Professional uplighting in shifting colors at the room's perimeter will both define your space and add a fun party atmosphere.

Adding a live artist to your event can be a memorable touch, with the added benefit of providing take-home souvenirs to guests. This could include caricatures, paintings, or silhouettes.


Photo booths also can be set up to capture guests as they enter a room, or at special moments throughout an event. On-site printers offer instant results and we can even watermark images with an event theme or logo.

Want to mix things up? Consider options such as a pianist in the cocktail area, a mime roaming through the room, or a cocktail waiter who is also a magician.  We also offer an assortment of "living statues," costumed performers who add an element of intrigue, positioned as live props in a room.

Pedestal is capable of turning any event into something GRAND. They bring the most marvelous ideas to life with showmanship and flair. Check out their photos and you'll know what I mean.

— Tom Blair

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