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Event Planning Quick Guide

Making that first call to an event planner?

Never done this before, and not sure what to expect? (Or just need a refresher?)

Our Event Planning Quick Guide will prep you for your first conversation with a professional event planner. First, be prepared with answers to their questions. This helps two ways: it will aid in getting you their most accurate price estimate. And secondly, it will help establish you as a serious shopper, not just a tire-kicker. Finally, put them to the test with your own set of inquiries to guarantee you’re selecting the best firm for the job.

Event Planning Quick Guide

Questions we bet you’ll get asked

  1. What is your event date? (And is that a little flexible?)

  2. How many guests are planned?

  3. Do you have a per-person budget?

  4. Have you shopped venues? Do you have a firm commitment? Or do you have any places in mind?

  5. What elements are must-haves for this event?

  6. What elements would you like to include, if the budget allows.

  7. Are there any elements you dislike or want to exclude?

  8. Thinking about parties or events that you have attended in the past — can you tell me some things that favorably impressed you? And some things that didn’t work, or that you didn’t like, and why.

Your questions for the event planner

  1. How long have you been in this business?

  2. Do you have any client reviews you can share?

  3. What type of event would you identify as your specialty.

  4. Why are you in this line of work?

  5. Do you stay current on industry trends and if so, how?

  6. What makes an event a success, and who is the judge?

  7. What percentage of your events come in at budget (without cost overruns).

  8. Are you open to collaboration with your client?

  9. Explain your fees — is it a flat fee, an hourly rate, a per-person charge?

  10. Do you work alone, or do you have a team?

  11. Do you carry professional liability insurance? and do you require that vendors do as well?

  12. What is your cancellation refund policy.

So. There's a good set of questions with which to start. Can you think of any others? Volunteer your suggestions below.



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