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"The Staff that Make  it Happen"

Party Planning

The People Behind Pedestal

Showmanship. When you get right down to it, isn’t that the foundation of a fantastic party experience? It’s the expert, detailed creation of a perfect universe for just your event. The lighting is finessed. Fragrance and music fill the air. Table-settings beckon guests to gather and enjoy a specially-prepared menu. And everything is orchestrated by a maestro, with years of experience in fine-tuning every detail.


That is the genesis of the Pedestal brand — the showmanship of David Geyer, founder. And his commitment to superior customer service, guest comfort, and creative innovation.

Unsurprisingly, David’s early background includes a stint in theatre. Here, he learned exactly what it means when "the show must go on." It was the perfect preparation for event planning, when last-minute developments may require instant and adroit responses.

Today, as Pedestal's CEO, David personally directs and manages each department engaged in preparing your event. No matter how short the deadline, Pedestal's focus on preparation and communication ensures beautiful results.

Other key staff members include supervisor Dave Willis, Julie Clark, Jim Valentine, Kara Hubble, and Bridget Cook. Together, they direct the legion of employees who prep and assemble the components of every event.

With decades of experience, Pedestal has the seasoning and connections to conjure any dream into reality. Whether your goal is a stylish corporate get-together, a milestone birthday party, or a crowd-pleasing casino evening, we'll wow you and touch the hearts of your guests with our special brand of artistry.

Party Planning

Some of the Pedestal team on-site, preparing a s'mores surprise.

Our Locations

All calls are routed through our central switchboard at (301) 898-8870.

Washington, DC



4000 Cathedral Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20016

Baltimore, MD


1 Cody Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21234

Lancaster, PA


312 West Orange

Lancaster, PA 17603

Union Bridge, MD

Sales & Administration

9961 Green Valley Rd

Union Bridge, MD 21791

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