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actual client inquiries submitted over the years

Q. Why haven't I heard of Pedestal Events before? I've missed hearing about you for 30 years?

A. We've been in operation since 1988, and held thousands of events. We've been fortunate to have maintained a stable base of clients who love our work and keep us busy! Recently, we've added staff and charted an expansion path — so expect to be hearing more about us in the future!

Q. Our organization is very thrifty. We cut all the corners we can. Why did we receive one of your promotional postcards? We can't afford an event planner!

A. When people hear 'event planner,' sometimes they imagine huge, lavish parties with every conceivable frill. Very few events are actually like that. Most clients want to save money and have limited budgets. Because of our long relationships with vendors and suppliers, we receive discounted pricing from them. When everything is added up, many times you'll pay no more to hire us than to do everything yourself.

Q. If I hire you, a professional, do you guarantee everything will be perfect?

A. Heck no! We plan for every contingency, but no one can guarantee the weather or Acts of God. What we CAN guarantee is that no matter what happens, we have a plan for that. And a backup plan for that plan. And so when the electricity goes off, or lightning strikes, or the client's own alcohol dispensary which they insisted on supplying breaks down (all actual things that have happened) —we'll improvise a workaround, take care of your guests, and a good time will be had by all.

Carnival Cart 1.jpg

We stock just about everything in our huge warehouse.


Yes, someone actually wanted a huge container of super-gigantic gummy worms. We can source anything!

Gold In process photo.jpg

The part you don't see: a team member prepares glittery fabric panels to transform a room before an event.

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