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Weddings . . . and Elopements

We're passionate about love in all its manifestations! Pedestal offers creative, hand-crafted and meticulously planned events for couples preparing to entwine their lives forever. We specialize in affordable,"anti-extravagant" weddings. Meaningful wedding celebrations with beauty and atmosphere, but also with realistic budgets to accommodate couples who are saving for other goals. We even offer last-minute Elopement Packages for couples who want to bypass the stress and financial burden of a traditional wedding, but who nevertheless wish to mark the occasion with a fun, intimate alternative. Check available open dates on our Bookings page, or call us for details!


We were honored to receive this recent testimonial from a new bride after her Pedestal wedding. She and her husband sought to manage costs by inviting inexperienced friends to volunteer their services for the event. Pedestal was engaged to manage the event and ensure that the volunteers gave a "pro" performance for the big day!

Pedestal acted as our day-of coordinator for our October 2019 wedding at Grounds for Sculpture in NJ. We brought them on board about 4 months before the big day. I am SO GLAD we handed the reins to Pedestal to pull it all together and make sure thing ran smoothly. 


David is not just a simple event planner. Having run Pedestal for so long, he has gained a huge range of skills that would benefit any wedding. Logistics, rentals, construction, decor, catering, sound systems . . . he’s done it all. For our wedding, wherever we lacked experience or knowledge, he was able to bridge the gap. For example, we DIY’d all our music. We had the songs and timing planned out, but we had zero knowledge of how to pull off the technical side (microphones and speaker systems), especially for an outdoor space. David used his own equipment to execute our money-saving plan and made it sound professional.

Our “wedding crew” consisted of some professionals, but we also had many friends helping us out as a favor. David made sure everyone — professional or not — knew exactly what they were responsible for, and where they had to be and when. With him leading the charge, we (bride and groom) could just soak in the day instead of stressing about keeping everyone on task. If something were to go wrong that day, it was a HUGE relief to know he would be able to handle it behind the scenes.


To summarize, David is the all-in-one Wedding Wizard that you THINK you can do without . . . but really can’t. Trust me on that! 

Pedestal is a full service wedding and special event planning company with 30 years experience. We’ll handle every detail and orchestrate your special day with grace and confidence. Huge budgets are not required — we use creativity to generate magic! Specializing in “charm on a budget,” we’re the choice of frugal brides across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and DC.


One of our wedding planners will work closely with you to establish your event's overall style, and then use that knowledge to assemble the perfect team to express your aesthetic. Colors, floral decor, lighting, and other elements will be expertly finessed into a cohesive presentation to bring your dream to life.

If you will be blending cultures as well as families, Pedestal can guide you through that process with sensitivity and grace. We have produced Hindu-American ceremonies, Persian-American, and Nikahs. We'd love to accommodate your special cultural traditions as well.

We are also happy to curate LGBTQ ceremonies and have assembled a vetted, LGBTQ-friendly vendor list for that purpose. 

For those seeking maximum savings and minimum stress, our Elopement Packages are available on short notice. We have several options available and ready to schedule whenever you decide the moment is right.

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