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Relax, Philadelphians.

We’ve done that hundreds of times!

Struggling to plan an event in Philadelphia with a short lead time?
Start here. A few quick questions, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

As a top Philadelphia event planner, Pedestal Events has a 30-year history of designing the area’s most memorable gatherings. 


We offer free, budget-friendly estimates, quick response, and a team of seasoned professionals who can make things happen.

We know Philadelphia's best venues: 


Stotesbury Mansion

The Event Studio

The Lucy

Camden County Boathouse

Open Space

Power Plant Productions

Maas Building

Front & Palmer 

       . . . and lots more!


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“Pedestal Events is fabulous. I found out about you guys from a friend who actually asked me not to share your name around. Like you’re our little secret!”

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